Sunday, December 5, 2010

.Busy, Busy.

.So the last week or so has been fairly busy, not only have i had exams but had to prepare for little sister Batmitzvah and older sisters 19th.

.Morning of Batmizvah had breakfast at 'Kanteen'.
 {Spanish Eggs}

 {Freshly Squeezed OJ}

{Italian Hot Chocolate}

{T2 Turkish Apple Tea}

 .New Rings.

.Batmitzvah (will upload some of the night when I receive professional photos).
 {Pretty Flowers}

{Table Display}

{Pretty Shoes}

{More Pretty Flowers}

{Post Spray Tan}


{Ish's Outfit}

 .Ish's 19th.

 .Lunch at Mr. Wolf.
{Pumpkin, Goats Chesse and Rocket Pizza}

{Margarita and Mushroom Pizzas}


{Coke Spider}

{Mr. Wolf}

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