Thursday, May 13, 2010

.A Drop of Individuality.

. everyone's room is supposed to be a reflection of themselves, and i could never master this whole idea. for months i have been rearranging and changing pretty much everything. anyway i walked in this afternoon and realised i actually REALLY liked it (disregarding the mess of course). So i have decided to share a few of my favourite bits with you lovely people..enjoy.

regarding the above photo i was very inspired by one of my many artistic friends and decided to test my drawing ability. was the first time i actually succeeded with something drawing related and hung them on my wall to give hte illusion that it wasnt just a one time thing... i thought it was pretty clever.

 . obsession.

.this is, wihtout a doubt, favourite part of my room...the outside of my door, created by yours truly.



Jake said...

im referenced

Rose said...

this is great