Friday, May 21, 2010

.We ♥ Jessica Hart.

.Whether she is embracing her never ending collection of drool worthy clothes, or showing off the sizeable gap between her teeth, Jessica Hart has taken the fashion world by storm. 
.I'll admit it though, i was never so in love with her. I mean yes, no one can deny the fact that her Bettina Liano and Guess ads were to die for but i never really saw much of a difference between her and the next beautiful model. It wasn't until i came across her blog ( that I seriously fell in love. Its fabulously refreshing to find a model who can consistently pull out killer outfits that represent her own personal style and not just that of the fashion industry.

.Anyway, before this post turns into a small,or maybe long, essay I should return to some school work, joy. In the process of organising tonights festivities, hopefully will be a big one, planning on capturing a few happy snaps to be posted and will definitely be drawing some inspiration from this 24 year old.


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Margaret said...

gaaaah i want to BE her. she has the most perfect face :) xx