Sunday, June 20, 2010

.Blog Me Happy.

.so today i experienced a numerous different versions of myself.
.I woke up hung over me seriosuly wishing my phone had some sending-this-message-is-a-bad-idea type application. This was then followed by spring cleaning me (or in this case winter cleaning) which decided it would be a good idea to clean out my wardrobe and find some goodies to sell at camberwell market. Now I've turned into frustrated me who is struggling to fit all 50 something pairs of shoes into my cupboard.

.and speaking of shoes, I've discovered these fabulous creations.

.thought I'd share outfit of the day a few as it consists of a few of my favourite pieces of clothing all mixed together...

...and I've been sistting in slacks-hair in a seriously 90's-childhood-mushroom esque up-do, for a good 2 hours and now have to face a seriously long process of picking out an outfit for a lovely formal event tonight.


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