Monday, June 21, 2010


.these days i'll admit it i'm kind of a mess.
.I have become fully reliant on coffee and tea to keep me going.
.my work load...enough said.
.i spend hours of procastination stalking blogs, which supplies me with fabulous temporary relief but only creates more stress in the long run.
.how do i cheer myself up? well i convince myself that i have an excuse to splurge on pretty shoes and accesories,here are the most recent buys from my latest shopping trip.

.So two nights ago considering i was wearing a white dress i decided to experiment with the make-up.
.quite naturally being fully inspired by the new Sex and the City movie (beyond amazing) i attempted a Carrie -Bradshaw-make-up-for-dinner-with-Aidan type look.
.I started with a Mac 'prepping' moisturiser, then foundation, topped off with Mac bronzer and then illuminator.
.for the eyes i used three shades Gold, Charcoal and Black, i discovered if i wet the angle eye brush first it created a more intense gold shade.
.I was rather happy with the final product.

.and what made it all the more exciting was the rediculously tasty cupcake we got as we left the event.
.(baked by 'Vickies Bickies' who make gingerbread's that are to die for-and seriously cute-i suggest to hunt some down).
. .


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