Thursday, August 5, 2010

.Dress the Part.

.I am being very careful from now on to try and keep the blog as pampered as possible due to the recent neglection (if trhats even a word).
.So was just wasting large ammounts of time again on the internet when I found myself on a picture of the girls of gossip girl. 
.Immedietly i decided to search Taylor Momsen just to see what outfits she has been pulling out lately, and I swear she seems to really be going over the top's like a holloween party for her every day.

.She even manages to make an innocent dress look...well...ugly.

.I mean I used to love this girl, however I'm finding the whole stripper shoes and suspender stockings a little over the top for a 17 year old.
.Speaking of people totally not looking their ages little Kendall Jenner's (the Kardashian's younger sister) recently did a bikini shoot and she looks absolutely AMAZING!.
  .Looking at the photos I'd say she was around 18 but no she is....

.14 years old.


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