Wednesday, August 4, 2010

.The Life of Tyler.

.Okay I know Ash~ and I have been seriously lacking in the whole post department recently but don't worry a really fabulous one is coming.
.So once again instead of working I've been wasting majorly large amounts of time on facebook and few days something ridiculously amazing popped up on my news feed.
.I'm going to just build the suspense here while i ramble on aimlessly about nothing in particular.

.Now that that's done I'll show you what was found. 
.Its a Flickr done by Tyler called 'The Life Of Tyler' and this incredibly genius guy has decided to take a picture of himself everyday for a year...I highly advise that you look at them all!.


.Thought I might add quickly that recently Ash~ and I have been working quiet a bit on organising a fashion show 'Fashion2Empower' for the Oaktree Foundation. 
.Ash~ and i have been leading this years group and have decided to have a fashion show to raise money (and dress up in lovely clothes).
.However while that part is exciting the whole organising of the catwalk, lights, models, photographer, DJ, brands, venue, setup and tickets isnt so fun-so you can expect to find me complaining about all of that over the next month.


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