Saturday, March 19, 2011

~ Incredible India

~So i feel pretty horrible for making .miin. do all the blogging this year so here i am, I'm back. 

As .miin. said earlier, while she was living it up in America i was in Incredible India! 
The place where black is only worn by the lower class women and the place where something fascinates you every single day!


Life Lesson: Never Pick Up A Beggar Child. You Will Get Their Poo On Your Hand

 Who Can't Resist The Temptations Of Real Indian Cuisine?

Things To Do On The Side Of The Road

Get A Mustache Trim

 Buy Nuts

Make Friends With Goats

 Feed Some Monkeys

Charm some Snakes

Give way to some passing by cows


Get Interviewed By An Indian News Channel

 Get Your Shoes Cleaned

Explore The Rich Culture Of India

Walk Your Pets

Visit The Taj Mahal

Go Camel Racing

 Meet People Who Don't Even Have Running Water or Electricity

Visit Some Holy Places 

And Of Course Have Photos With The Locals

And That Is Incredible India

~ Ash

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