Saturday, March 19, 2011


.I finally decided that instead of waiting for my wardrobe to be re-done so i could fit all my shoes in, that I'd work something out myself.

.I realized that I didn't have many necessities on my shelves so figured I'd take a section of my favorite heels and put them there instead...and besides, heels are too pretty to be hidden behind cupboard doors.

 {I am still waiting to find somewhere to wear my magenta thigh high boots...I am definitely looking forward to when I do} 

{Also decided that while i was re-doing my shoes i may as well do a quick little re-arrange to my entire room}

 {Basically this watch is number 13 of 999 of its kind made ever, and I got it a couple of years ago but completely forgot about it because it was in it's box...I think it's safe to say I have been getting some serious wear out of it}

{Thought it'd be best to take some jewelery out of my jewelery box and display it so I actually remember I have it}

.No joke I have been sitting at my desk trying to work for quite sometime, however, sitting at my desk, seeing the sun out (and not knowing when/if it's going to disappear and be replaced by rain) and having a view of the park is incredibly distracting.


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