Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.Before and After.

.Got bored on saturday, so i decided to paint my desk.
.I'd sort of gotten to the stage where i was literally avoiding that part of my room asI was too scared to face the ugly thing i call a desk. 
.Decided that considering that there was a good month or two before I was getting my actual desk made i might as well paint it.
.Surprisingly it was successful, however the post wont show the final product till a later date as I have not yet bought all the pretty bits which will inspire me to work. 
.I'm getting there though.

{.there's a reason this ugly thing has never been on the blog before.}

{.I'm not into the whole seriously blinding white paint, so i figured that this 'eggshell' paint would od the trick.}

{.and it begins...}

{...three coats later.}

{.finally invested in some booktrays to keep my books in order.}

{.vanilla scented candles and a langham mouse pad when I feel a touch of pretty is needed.}

{.magazines to inspire me.}

{.nail polish on hand for when my work gets far too boring.}

{.closest thing to the finished product at this point, but major changes will still be made.}

.After finishing my desk i opened a very exciting package i recieved...a bag filled with seafolly bathers for 'Fashion2Empower' on sunday night, i think its safe to say that I am seriously excited.


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