Thursday, September 2, 2010

.Kids do it Better.

.Being sick is such a bitch, literally i struggle to find the energy to do work and so I end up stalking different blogs or wasting vast amounts of time on facebook (I swear I'm not too sure how im going to pass exams at the rate im going).
.On the positive side though I'm hoping to get a little bit of shopping in this weekend, my ring collection needs some updating.

.So I came across a horrifying yet somewhat exciting wardrobe is literally full. 
.I dont mean full where hanging something up is just annoying becuase you have to push all the hangers to one side, or when piles of clothing are too big so they start looking messy, or when you have to squish shoes in or fold stuff in a certain way to fit them into your drawers.
.It's the sort of full when I literally cannoy fit ONE more single hanger in my cupboard, if i put something ontop of the piles of clothing they usually fall over, if I want to add another pair of shoes ot my wardrobe i have ot just put them ontop of another pair and when i open one drawer it opens all the others with it.

.And on that note I've decided I want to be a kid again...that is all.

.and yes my little brothers are kind of the most awesome people...ever.


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