Wednesday, September 1, 2010


.I know, yet again i have failed to post for a seriously long time and have left the blog in some need of some serious TLC.
.So on the weekend ~Ash and I went to a 'Rockstar' 18th, ash opted for a Lady GaGa meets cat woman look while I dressed in Taylor Momsen esque inspired attire.

{.The shoes were insane.}

{.Some fucked the band.}

{.Some got fucked.}

{.There was plenty of gold.}

{.The outfits were out of control.}

{.The accesories were even better.}

{.And ~Ash and I got a new favorite photo.}


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Anonymous said...

your post is amazing... i follow your blog.... youre so cool i wish i was you and your friends.. ahh xxoxo gossip girl (guess who! *cough* ferosh couture) ;)