Monday, September 13, 2010


.Last night was the Fashion2Empower runway show that ~Ash and I have been so mentally organising.
.I can safely say that that event was so much more spectacular than i had originally expected.
.The night before I quite literally got no sleep, didn't really get to eat anything that day, however, getting to the venue at ridiculous hours of the morning, spending hours upon hours with the lighting and music guys (who did the most amazing job possible), trying on outfit after outfit, wheeling racks of clothign around chadstone the day before and preparing all the models was all worth it in the end.

{.a few of the outfits.}

.i am seriosuly obssesed with the above Alannah Hill outfit i got to wear.

{.the clothing pick up.}

{.hair and make up.}

.I will be putting up the professional photos soon.


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